Infant Massage

infant massageAre you interested in learning Infant Massage for your baby? Join Sarah Nottingham, RMT as she teaches Moms and Dads how to give a relaxing massage to their baby. Infant Massage is a beneficial tool for promoting improved sleep, aiding digestion, promoting weight gain and enhancing bonding. This comprehensive workshop will leave you feeling comfortable and confident when massaging your baby.

Workshops take place over three days in either a group setting or privately. Group sessions take place one day per week for three consecutive weeks.  Each session is 45-60 minutes long, and addresses a different region of the body, including: arms/hands, chest, legs/feet, abdomen, face and back.  Each week also includes discussion covering the benefits of infant massage, understanding newborn reflexes, use of oils, infant reflux, understanding baby’s behavioural states, and recognizing baby’s cues.  In addition to the relaxation techniques, we’ll also be covering techniques for tummy troubles, teething and congestion.

Workshop fee is $99 + HST

Call us today to sign up for the next workshop (416) 820 8588.

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