CranioSacral Therapy (CST)

CranioSacral therapy with Sarah Nottingham, RMT
CranioSacral Therapy is a subtle yet profound form of treatment that addresses the whole body.  This gentle, non-invasive form of body work has a profound impact on the nervous system.  By using light techniques to release tension, allows the entire body to relax and self-correct while relieving pain.

The founder of CranioSacral therapy, Dr. John Upledger, a renowned osteopathic physician and surgeon teaches that movement exists within the cranial bones in a natural fashion.  These cranial movements coinside with the circulation of the cerbrospinal fluid.  Any injuries sustained to the head or body or disease and dysfunctions can affect cranial movement and create restrictions.  CST aides in removing these restrictions and creating balance. Using very light pressure the therapist is able to examine the cranial rhythm at specific points and identify areas of restriction.

During treatment it is common to experience a deep state of relaxation.  CST involves the use of very light pressure but has widespread and profound effects.  Effective in treating a variety of conditions including;  headaches, migraines, sinus congestion, visual disturbances, whiplash and head injuries, sports injuries, various musculoskeletal injuries, tinnitus, vertigo, TMJ dysfunction, stress disorders, anxiety, insomnia, etc.   Its also effective for those experiencing ill affects following a lumbar puncture or epidural.

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