Hot Stone Massage

Hot Stone Message Therapy with Sarah Nottingham RMT
Hot Stone Message Therapy induces a state of deep relaxation, creating a feeling of peacefulness. It is highly effective in reducing stress and relieving muscle tension.

Hot Stone Massage is a specialty treatment that involves the use of smooth, water-heated stones. The stones used are black Basalt rocks that have excellent heat retaining properties due to their high iron content.  Basalt stones are volcanic and have been naturally deposited along rivers, where constant running water makes them round, flat and extremely smooth.  During a treatment a variety of stones are strategically placed over the body, to heat and relieve tension while others are massaged and feel like a natural extension of the therapist’s hands.  Many stones are used and involve a variety of sizes; larger ones are placed along the spine whereas smaller ones are placed between the toes.  A typical treatment addresses the entire body; including the back, legs, arms, abdomen, neck, face and scalp.  Treatments can either be 75 or 90 minutes.

Imagine yourself deeply relaxed in luxurious warmth with the stresses of the day floating away.  This form of bodywork stimulates the circulatory system, reduces muscle tension, helps release toxins and relieves pain.  Hot Stone Massage is very safe and should always be performed by someone who is fully trained.  Registered Massage Therapists have a background with Hydrotherapy, and fully understand all contraindications to ensure a safe and comfortable treatment.  This type of treatment is not recommended during pregnancy or post-surgery.

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